Stamped Concrete Overlay

“The versatile, custom designed stamped concrete overlay that combines “Old World” elegance with today’s technology.”

SunStamp Overview

SunStamp is the versatile, custom designed stamped overlay that  combines “Old World” elegance with today’s technology.  SunStamp and its union of stamps, templates, freeform carving and  coloring techniques makes a lasting impression on any concrete project.

Features and benefits:  SunStamp is the SUNDEK answer to the stamped concrete overlay. SunStamp provides a custom texture and a variety of coloring options with the use of stains, acrylic finish coats or colored oxides. The ability to customize your look by scoring a design, using pre-fabricated or custom templates will enable you to work with your SUNDEK representative to create the look that’s right for you.

SunStamp Time Lapse Project

Where to use it:  SunStamp can and has been used over and on any concrete surface as well as stucco, drywall, brick and many other surfaces. SunStamp can be found around pool decks, patios, driveways, walkways, retaining walls, lobbies, entryways and many other commercial and residential areas.  SunStamp is installed exclusively by Sundek trained artisans.

How it’s done:  The SunStamp stamped overlay is typically troweled or squeegied over the existing concrete and then the texture is created by laying a stamp mat over the application thus making an impression.

The SunStamp can be scored or an optional template can be laid out prior the stamp coat being applied to create the look of flagstone, tile, custom slate or any other design you desire. Once the stain, acrylic finish and protective clear coat has been added you will have a decorative concrete surface that will definitely make a great impression!