Architectural Limestone Coating
“The limestone coating overlay that looks and feels like real stone”

SunStone Overview

SunStone is the ultimate architectural limestone concrete coating.  No need to deal with the mess and expense of tearing out concrete when you can get results with a product that looks and feels this authentic. A product so unique, it can be applied over a wide array of surfaces: concrete, brick, walls, foam, sheet rock, cinder block, hardiboard, stucco, pre-cast moldings, and much more… transforming ordinary surfaces into something exquisite!  Now you can enjoy the look and feel of real quarried stone without the investment of real limestone!

Features and benefits:  SunStone is an architectural limestone concrete coating that produces a unique natural appearance. Like all of our systems, SunStone eliminates the need to tear out and repour concrete reducing costs as well as the inconveniences associated with removal. SunStone can be applied over a many different surfaces including concrete, brick, walls, foam, drywall, cinder block, hardibacker, stucco, pre-cast moldings, and much more… You can change the look of  surfaces into a new updated designer finish. SunStone allows you to get the look and feel of real quarried stone without the investment.

Where to use it:  Use it wherever you want to have a natural limestone coatings. Some of the most common installations include:

  • Pool Deck surrounds
  • Patios
  • Driveways
  • Entryways
  • Planters
  • Retaining Walls
  • …and almost anywhere you want it!

How it’s done:  SunStone is installed only by SUNDEK trained artisans by trowel over the existing surface . Custom textures are achieved based on the desired look by the skilled SUNDEK crew. As it is drying, an optional design can be hand-carved into the SunStone to create travertine, flagstone, slate, tile or a custom pattern. The combination of custom carving mixed with oxides & stains for coloring options creates the most authentic looking decorative concrete on the market today.